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Spanish classical guitars
Pearl soprano flutes
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Малый барабан Pearl Ian Paice IP1465
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Корнет Bb Stomvi Titan 5897
Альтовая флейта Pearl PFA-201ES
Труба-пикколо A/Bb Stomvi Master...
Труба Bb Stomvi Classica 5048

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How to order spare parts?

Special Conditions

  • Unlike conventional products, spare parts are available only on 100% prepayment
  • Delivery of spare parts may be approximate. More detailed information unknown
  • Parts are not subject to refund and exchange, in the case of an error with spares order costs borne by the buyer's account
  • The spare part cost does not include the cost of goods repair
  • We provide on site as much information as have available. Usually we have not any pictures or additional description
  • If you need to determine the part number to order we can send you free on request by email service manual - a list of parts for the model of interest. We may refuse to provide manual without explanation
  • Unless otherwise stated, we do not repairs. Authorized service center is engaged to do repairs

Tips and Options of Spare Parts Order

  • You can search for spare parts by part number from service manual or by model, for which it is intended, in the list of spare parts
  • Also you can find suitable parts on a separate tab of model description page
  • Some accessories are duplicated in model and part lists. You have choice what item to order
  • Some parts have replacements. Select an items which marked as on supplier stock or which delivery time is shorter
  • The detail description is given in the form provided by supplier, and can be translated automatically
  • Regardless of your location if you want to get the item delivered is recommended to make prepayment of order by card or wire transfer