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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2017:...
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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2017:...
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Валторна Titan 5051

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Discount Cards and Sales

First discount card of Coda ltdCoda ltd uses the same discount cards as for electronic buyers so for musicians. (take a look to www.codamusic.ru). We offer different discounts for different product categories, and our cards have not definite percent level. We give cards as a gift when some aggregated purchase lavel is reached, and we upgrade cards on the next levels.

Discount card of Coda ltd 2006Our discount cards are not limited with any fixed term. You can you cards which was issued 10 years ago and we will be happy to meet you again.

Card discounts are calculated as a part of wholesale discount for each product:
- when the goods for amount of 20000 roubles are purchased, we grant card for discount of 1/4 of retail minus wholesale margin (about 2-3% for consumer electronics, 5-6% for accessories, 3-4% for music instruments);
- after an agregated amout reach 50000 roubles we give Silver Card with discount 1/2 of wholesale margin (4-6% for consumer electronics, 10-12% for accessories, 6-8% for music instruments);
Discount card of Coda ltd 2007- after the sum reach 150000 roubles we grant the best Golden Card with discount 3/4 of dealer margin (6-9% for consumer electronics, 15-18% for accessories, 9-12% for music instruments).
All previous purchases will be counted using invoices, bills and warranty cards. Cards are valid under presentation of. You can use them together with friends or as corporative cards. When an aggregated amount will reach next level, card will be replaced to next one.

Discount card of Coda ltd 2012There are some reasons when some products can be sold with Sale mark and discounted price. The reason of this exclusive offer would be wish to sold out old model, or to reduce stock before arrive, or wish to refresh buyers activity. If nothing declared, the goods sold are the brand new, has full complect and able to work. We offer usually the same price for such items for retail and for wholesale buyers.

If you have a card already, you can create an account on this site and write a request. After status confirm you will be able to see your personal discounted prices.

First discount cards Coda ltd have issued in 2002. There was an image of famous JVC camcorder GR-DV3000. New serie of cards was issued in 2006 after Moscow phone numbering changes. This card had a picture of JVC camcorder Everio GZ-MC500. The next series was issued in 2007 because the new business with musical instrument distribution was founded and site www.codamusic.ru launch. This card was devoted to JVC camcorder Everio GZ-HD7.

An actual serie of cards was issued in 2012 Summer and reflects important changes which occured in last years - Coda logo change, merging of JVC and KENWOOD brands, and changing Coda profile from consumer electronics to professional and musical instruments business.

Request for discount status change

Sorry that we are not keep all information about purchases which was not ordered using web-site. Tharefore why sometimes information about your discount status can lost relevance. If you received any discount card after purchase and this card status is not shown on web-site, we kindly ask you to fill and send this form. We will change status information manually.

Discount Status (card background color)*:
Card number*:
Estimated date of last purchase*:
The last purchased item*:

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